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Maintaining and managing drains

Taking good care of your wastewater system with sewer and drain management and maintenance is the best way to avoid emergency drainage emergencies in the future. And it is quick and easy with Aquevo

All that’s needed is to have the drains regularly cleared and cleansed of debris and silt, and checked for potential problems. Remember that, if left, debris and silt build up and will reduce the flow capacity of the pipe. In time, it can become completely blocked, resulting in foul and surface water backing up, even flooding your premises.

You can minimise risk with simple housekeeping and a good drainage partner, like us.

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Bespoke drain maintenance plans

We offer a range of bespoke asset management plans for your business. Weigh the cost of on-going drain maintenance against the cost of asset deterioration and failure, and you will find that it is very cost-effective.

Regular maintenance

High-pressure water jetting once or twice a year helps to avoid blockages in surface water drains and culverts. Areas that are identified as particularly problematic or prone to blockages — perhaps due to poor fall, surrounding geography or the build-up of fat, oil and grease (FOG) may be recommended for more regular maintenance.

Maintenance visits

Planning service visits to monitor and maintain internal and external drainage assets reduces the chance of expensive emergency repairs in the future.

Flushing the system through regularly gets rid of debris build-up to lessen the chance of blockages, whilst optimising the flow rate of the drains and sewers. Monitor and maintain your drains and sewers, just as you would a building and land. That way, you know they will be in good working order when they need to be. Of course, if you do need an additional reactive service, we also provide drain maintenance on a call-out basis. Just ask for details.

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Team Aquevo

  • Josh came out to clear our blocked drains in school. Completed the job out of hours over the weekend when school was empty, we are very happy with all the work and price thanks very much.
    M Lener
  • Quick and clear advice. Extremely reasonably priced and a very friendly and efficient service. Would definitely use again and recommend to others.
    Esther Rothschild
  • Very easy to deal with, they explained their quotation and dealt with insurers from start to finish. Repairs were carried out within a day and everything was clean and tidy afterwards. Highly recommend.
    David C
  • Really impressed with visit from engineer today. Highly recommend, ensured all traces of blockage were removed. Thorough job done.
    Louise Walsh
  • Fantastic service provided with excellent communication and fulfilled all the upfront promises. Provided all the information and choice to make an informed decision which was right for us and our house. Would have no hesitation in recommending.
    H Litner

We currently cover Greater London & any site within the M25

  • Drain Renewal and Repairs
  • High Pressure Jetting
  • Stack Service
  • Urinal Service
  • Saniflo Systems
  • Gutter Reports & Repairs
  • Insurance Claims
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Drain Excavation & Groundwork
  • Drain Lining
  • Drain Epoxy Repairs
  • Septic Tank Service

Frequently asked questions

What is preventive drain maintenance

Preventative drain maintenance is the Planned Preventative Drain Service which ensures that the drains are free from blockages and enables the drains to flow freely.  this is a service which takes the proactive approach of cleaning any blockages and keeping the drains clear before a blockage occurs.

How to ensure that my drains won’t get blocked again

To keep your drains, clear of any blockages, you must not pour any fats, oils or greases down the pipes. You also must not flush unsolvable materials like plastic earbuds or baby wipes. This does not only clog your pipes but can affect the local sewers as well.

What is the advantage of maintaining my drains

By ensuring the drains are working as they should this will avoid the drains overflowing and flooding which could then lead to massive cost in damages to the property. Another advantage of drain maintenance is the avoidance of emergency call outs. The landlord or property owner can rest assured that their drains are working properly and are being looked after.

Can leaking drains cause damp

Yes. If there is a collapsed pipe underneath your house, the damp can penetrate through the walls of the house which results in leaks and rising damp.

How to get rid of sewer smell

As every case is unique we would investigate the reason of the smell on a case by case basis. Bit from our experience it is normally the cause of a blocked grain.

What areas do you cover

London and M25 surroundings.

Areas we cover:

24 hour emergency drainage repair within London’s M25


*Subject to catchment areas and/or engineer availability. Call out charge from £60.

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